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Serverlink Remote Software - Securely Access to your Accounting System, Payroll, Billing, Etc From Home / Anywhere
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Brand Serverlink
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Remote Users

Build a real Work From Home System
enabled you to share applications, files & folders and print to local printer
Just set up ServerLink software and VPN into an existing host or server, employees at home are ready to connect to office host/server and work remotely. ServerLink turns Windows into a WEB server that accessible with Web Browser.
- No change of existing hardware
- No change of Accounting / ERP Software
- No need for expensive broadband and firewall
- No need for a static IP
- No expensive engineer fees and maintenance fees
- No installation of client software

Remote users not only accessing the Accounting system on the server, but also other application that assigned by administrator such as Word/ Excel/ PDF. Same to the shared file and folders, only the permitted users are allowed.

Built-in "universal printing" allows remote users to easily print documents to the local printer at home or branch.

The VPN connection between home PCs and office host/ server has effectively prevented from Ransomware viruses and vulnerability attacks.

You had 100% ownership of your data that hosted in your office server. No third-party un-authorized access is allowed. All data are private and confidentiality protected.